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Articles from our blog: Introduction to Sicilian Gestures (su-pa.net), Gestures in Sicily / La Gestualità dei Siciliani (su-pa.net) and Sicilian Language.

Prof. Dr. Fabio Oliveri: «La Gestualità dei Siciliani», illustrata da Jasmin Carnabucci. Illustrierte Gebärdensprache der Sizilianer. First edition, Sicilian Tourist Service, Palermo, 1990 (out of print). Some books of the last/diverse edition (2002) by Krea can still be found as second hand books on different book reseller websites.
Fabio Oliveri († 2014, age 77) was our friend, he lived in Palermo (Italy). He was a lecturer of philosophy and history at Galilei High School in Palermo (liceoggalileipalermo.edu.it) and a profound connoisseur of the Semitic peoples of Sicily and of ancient languages. He owned a small house in the wilderness near Prizzi, which also plays a central role in two of his publications («Il Casale giudaico Pietra-Ciaramitaro nel comune di Prizzi», «Contrade e insediamenti nel Comune di Prizzi»). His lively tours in museums or on hikes were profound, yet with humor and remain unforgettable. He was a fine person.

Giuseppe G. Pitrè (Italian, English): Usi e costumi, credenze e pregiudizi del popolo siciliano, in four volumes, Palermo, L. Pedone-Lauriel, 1889, (Vol. II, p. 340-377 "I gesti").

Vincenzo Requeno: L'arte di gestire con le mani (sellerio.it), Sellerio editore Palermo, 1982 (out of print).

Eliane Suter, su-pa.net: Creator of the photos for the animations and project leader.

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